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Free and Fast shipping anywhere in US!!

Privacy Policy

At Chef’s Path, we are fully committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding the data you entrust us with. We invite you to review our detailed policy regarding what information is collected about you, how it's used in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and the additional measures which are taken for its protection. Our top priority is providing peace of mind that your data remains secure at all times - please don't hesitate to reach out if any questions arise! To keep up-to-date on these policies, check this page periodically, so nothing slips by unnoticed.

At Chef's Path, we take customer information security seriously. Our specialized team of experts ensures that all personal data is safeguarded with the utmost care and precaution- restricting access to only individuals who are required for work purposes. Moreover, our staff members undergo rigorous training regarding how best to preserve your confidential details while avoiding any unauthorized use or disclosure. So rest assured knowing that when you entrust us with your valuable data sets, it remains safe 100% as we do not store credit card information whatsoever!

What type of information does Chef’s Path store ?

At Chef's Path, we are committed to providing personalized service that will benefit you. To do this, our team carefully gathers essential information about you and your preferences to deliver offers on products or services best suited for your needs - all while keeping our business running smoothly! We appreciate the trust placed in us as we work hard to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Upon visiting our site, we may gather non-identifiable information from you. This could include technical data like your IP address and browser type and the specific pages of our website that you click on via cookies stored in your hard drive. These cookies are secure, and we never record personal or sensitive details like names or card number during the process. We then use all gathered data to identify trends that can enhance the Chef’s Path online experience and customize it for each user when they return!

Customize and personalize your experience when visiting Chef’s path with the choice to enable our cookie file. By exercising control of it through most web browsers, you can block or erase this option - although please keep in mind that doing so may prevent a more tailored browsing journey. For instructions on managing cookies for each browser, check out its settings!

Chef’s Path utilizes the power of Google Analytics and Adwords to compile data collected through cookies. This information helps us better understand our website visitors and allows for targeted advertisements on other sites you visit after visiting Chef’s Path’s website. In addition, we partner with organizations such as advertisers, who may use this compiled data in combination with how users interact across multiple websites to identify shared interests, preferences, and behavior patterns among groups of users.

In specific scenarios, we will request voluntary PII from you to complete tasks. This can include when making purchases (name, address, telephone number, email address and credit card details) or subscribing to our email program (name & email). We may also ask for your preference information if you fill out surveys/promotions on products that interest you - as well as company sweepstakes occasions where personal info such as name, address and telephone is needed. All of this enables us to process requests while keeping customers informed accurately.

What information do we share and with whom?

Chef’s Path guarantees the security of your customer information by not renting or selling it to any external marketers. In some instances, however, Chef’s Path may share this data with its affiliated companies for promotional purposes, deliver special offers and provide operational/support services through carefully selected third-party service providers that we have vetted for complete compliance with our privacy policy. Finally, any required disclosure will be made strictly according to applicable laws and regulations.

Does Chef’s Path collect information from my social media sites or on pages Chef’s Path has on social media sites?

Chef's Path collects personal information directly through our Social Media Pages and also by leveraging the hosting capacities of leading social media sites.

Chef's Path collects personal information directly through our Social Media Pages, like applications and forms with a link to this privacy policy. This data can be used for various purposes, such as sending communications about products & services or responding to inquiries. We also use the collected info for surveys and contests and analyze activity on Social Media pages to develop superior experiences.

Chef’s path gathers insight from our Social Media Pages to improve user experience and further analyze the general demographic of our users. This data analysis can be used efficiently to understand who visits us, how often, and what kind of content they engage with on the page for a cutting-edge approach to serving up impactful experiences.

At Chef’s Path, we utilize the information collected to facilitate a wide range of customer-centric processes. This includes fulfilling product orders; responding to requests (e.g., contact us inquiries); contacting you or others in response to delivery difficulties; serving site content tailored for each unique visitor based on their activity with us; providing marketing communications featuring our products, services and promotions - including cart abandonment emails - as well as personalized messages crafted just for you according to your online profile details stored with us! Additionally, survey data is frequently gathered from customers who have interacted with our Websites or other forms of advertising.

Does Chef’s path update its Privacy Policy?

We may modify our collection methods as we strive to deliver an ever-expanding array of content and services. Suppose there are substantial changes implemented in these practices. In that case, they will only apply moving forward - rest assured that this Privacy Policy Statement is subject to regular reviews ensuring it remains up-to-date!

Are you interested in learning more about Chef’s Path Privacy Policy?

Have questions, comments or concerns about our privacy practices? Don't hesitate to reach out! Simply email us at and we'll be happy to help you with any of your inquiries.